About Emily

Emily graduated from Auburn University with an Honors degree in Industrial Design in 2008. Experienced in a variety of areas of design, she is proficient in logo development and identity (one logo she designed was seen on Good Morning America), packaging design, product design, and graphics. Emily has worked both as an in-house designer (The Aspen Brands) and as a member of a design consultancy team (Veugeler Design Group, Carter McGuyer Design Group). If you need a professional eye and an artisanal hand to make your vision reality, you’ve come to the right place.


 A native of Florence, Alabama, Emily currently lives in Guam with her husband, Kyle, and cat, Hamburglar. She enjoys cooking and reading as well as outdoor pursuits such as triathlons and running races.


emily@emilyshippdesign.com     |     671.998.2772